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Features a low pH level and is free of thio and ammonia. The formula contains cysteine, a natural amino acid, which – due to its natural origins – provides the gentlest form of perming and acts as one of the most natural and safest reducing agents on the market. The advanced, patent-pending additive significantly reduces perm odor during and after processing as all-natural alfalfa extract provides additional proteins and vitamins to strengthen and moisturize the hair.

Are you looking for some sexy glamorous curls (perm)? Or a bit of body?
All these services – Includes consultation, clarifying shampoo and treatment, Waves or Perm.

  • $140and up
  • Free of thio and ammonia.
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    Beach Waves/Perm

    Wavy beachy hairstyles can be created in many ways. Who doesn’t like to have permanent beach waves night and day? Saves precious time every morning for a hair styling. Permanent beach waves style coincides with a current trend of hair that looks a little bit “lived in”. The goal is to achieve soft pliable waves, resulting in dropped curl style that is flat on the top with curls coming in on the round of the head.

    Kids’ Haircuts

    (Ages 10-17)

    • Kid’s Styling Cut Starting at $22.95
    • Kid’s Short Haircut Starting at $16.95

    Additional Services

    • Bang Trim: Starting at $15.95
    • Neck Trim: Starting at $10.95
    • Beard Trim: Starting at $15.95
    • Shampoo with condition/ blow – out Starting at $49.95
    • Shampoo and deep conditioning treatment/blow – out Starting at $69.95

    Salon Hours

    • Monday - Friday:
    • 10AM - 7PM
    • Saturday: 12PM -4PM
    • Sunday: CLOSED


    We are located in the Tebo Plaza at 3131 28th Street. Boulder, CO 80301. Find us at the Salon & Spa “Artistic Soul Studios” next to Glacier Ice Cream.


    3131 28th Street
    Boulder Colorado 80301
    ph:(303) 544-1511

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