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boulder recycleBoulder Natural/Organic Hair Salon
has started in December 6, 2011 to celebrate the concept that salons can create less waste and stay actively involved in local and national recycling programs committed to community service and environmental awareness. For this reason we added to our mission ‘The Hair Recycling Program’. Human hair is protein (keratin) that mixes with compost. The United States has over 300,000 hair salons, and each cuts an average of one pound of hair per day. Hair clippings can be used to soak up oil in waterways, and car mechanics garages. How does it work? Hair is woven into a hair mat or stuffed into a nylon bag to make booms to soak up oil! Other salons generously pay out of pocket for postage to send their swept up hair clipping to Matter of Trust; an organization that was asking salons to donate their hair from haircuts to create hair “booms”. Check out this cool video about the hair booms:

Ever wonder what happens to all that hair left on the floor after you get a haircut? Most of the time the hair that ends up on the floor after your haircut goes nowhere but the landfill. Using human hair in the garden is not a new concept. Why is human hair good for the garden?

  • Mulch. The main benefit for human hair trimmings is using as a mulch. Hair’s natural interweaving effect allows water in but reduces evaporating out. It also acts as a warm blanket keeping the soil warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • We can use it as a weed-suppressant.
  • Fertilizer Trap human hair is proving to be quite successful. In sandy soils one of the biggest problems that gardeners face is nutrient leeching. The idea of human hair as a trap is to position it beneath your plants where it will hold nutrient run-off-especially nitrogen-for later use.
  • Deer & Snail Repellant Self-explanatory!

The greatest benefit of human hair as a gardening resource is its availability.

There is nothing stopping you from asking your local hairdresser for their weekly discards. And before you start to cringe about touching other people’s hair consider momentary that you probably have no issue with building your veggie patch up with animal manures – I know what I would rather handle! Plus, you could always wear gloves if it’s that disconcerting – just think of all the trees you’ll have saved from being pulverized into wood chips.

For use soaking up oil spills in waterways Hair clippings can be used for soaking up oil in waterways and car mechanics garages.

How does it works? Hair is woven into a hair mat or stuffed into a nylon bag to make booms to soak oil!

This is what your recycled hair looks like when it is woven into a hairmat or stuffed into a nylon to make a boom to soak up oil! According to the EPA 50% of the oil spilled in our waterways every year comes from motor oil runoff. After hair soaks up the oil, it can be mixed 9:1 with green waste, composted over 2 years and fed to worms! The bacteria in the compost and worms stomach break down the oil and the worms create a fantastic fertilizer! You can purchase worm costings composted oily hairmat fertilizer at the Excess Access store.

Check out these videos on how hairmats aid in oil cleanup!

Grease Monkeys

grease monkeygrease monkey
A cute new take Matter of Trust’s oil spill hair boom program. According to the EPA, 50% of the oil spilled in our waterways every year comes from motor oil runoff. Grease monkeys will be small monkey-shaped oil catchers, made from natural fibers by schools-charities to fundraise and raise recycling awareness. Matter of Trust will have how-to-make instructions on their website and demonstration videos posted on Youtube. They are reaching out to harbors, industry and mechanics as end users for booms, because oil companies are not as accessible and they enjoy working with local small businesses and getting the immediate feedback.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for helping to make our waterways cleaner!

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