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Pamper Color-Treated Hair with Onesta Probiotic Line

Pamper Color-Treated Hair with Onesta Probiotic Line

Color-treated hair needs special attention because it can get dry and stressed. Nutrients such as natural plant-based oils, vitamin E, and omega-3s, as well as vegetable proteins can help protect and maintain beautiful color-treated hair. Onesta’s new Probiotic product care line uses ingredients like quinoa, chia, shea butter, sunflower oil, and lactobacillus probiotics to nourish hair while promoting a healthy scalp. And the products smell amazing.

Probiotics help increase scalp circulation and defend against chemicals, environmental stresses, and everday wear and tear.

Shampoo. Contains color-enhancing extracts of chia and fennel, probiotics, and plant-based proteins to protect and strengthen color-treated hair.

Conditioner. Extracts of amla and shea butter create a rich cream that protect hair without weighing it down.

Protein Treatment. The Probiotic leave-in treatment gives your hair a silky texture as well as ongoing protection from harsh elements.

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All-Nutrient hair products for blonde hair, silver or white hair

All-Nutrient hair products for blonde hair, silver or white hair

All-Nutrient products are featured at the Boulder Natural Hair Salon, including the blue or violet shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is specially formulated to brighten blonde or white hair shades, and refresh cooler color shades, and nourishes hair with protein. The shampoo reduces brassiness in dark, medium, or light blondes, and brings out highlights. The formulas contain no amonia, no peroxide.

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