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Welcome to Boulder Natural/Organic Hair Salon.
  • As the world continues to adjust to the effects of COVID-19, expectations are changing and attention to cleanliness will be incredibly important. Our Customers want to feel safe and secure in the salon, for this reason the master hairstylist Evon is Certified in Infection Control, as well as in Barbicide disinfectant, to show her commitment to her clients health and safety.
    COVID-19 Considerations & Arrival Instructions:

    1. The doors will be locked upon arrival to Phenix Salon Suites, please call me to let you in.
    2. Masks are required at all times for stylists and clients. Please wear an over-the-ear mask that will not interfere with the hair service.
    3. One client at a time in the studio.
    4. I will provide frequent sanitation for all contact surfaces and tools between each client.
    5. Service by appointment only, no waiting lines.

    Hello, my name is Evon. I am the owner and operator of the Organic Natural Hair Salon, and also the owner of Boulder Natural Organic Hair Salon website. I created the Boulder Natural Organic website 15yrs ago, and the Organic Natural Hair Salon 5 years ago because I want a more progressive name, one that fits our new millennium. I am a freelance artist, trained in USA and abroad With 15 years of experience in the hair industry. I have a college degree that complements my business. I am constantly improving my artistic skills in the hair industry and in using the latest organic hair care products. Evon offers to upgrade your look with a haircut, hair color, highlights or perm with the latest trends. Or you can keep your haircut, hair color looking its best with her professional advice and regular maintenance. She features an excellent organic hair color, highlights line and offers customized color for all of our clients.

    ​Boulder Natural/Organic Hair Salon is an Eco-friendly salon that embraces the Boulder tradition of health and environmental awareness. You want the best nutrition for your body. Your hair deserves the best too. Why Choose Organic?
    We had both the health and well-being of our clients and hairstylists, as well as the safety of the environment in mind. We use and retail only organic hair treatments, color, highlights, perms, and hair care products that are free from harmful chemicals. Our products contain plant-based, naturally derived ingredients that include more vitamins, nutrients, essential oils, and cancer-fighting antioxidants more than any other non-organic or over the counter product alternatives. These products will improve the health and strength of your hair. Vitamin E protects your hair against pollution, fatty acids soften your hair, amino acids boost keratin providing moisture and nourishment to dry and damaged hair, vegetable oils to add vitamins and shine, and minerals to protect the integrity and strength of your hair from the inside out for healthy and shiny hair. Non- organic hair products derived form carcinogenic petroleum, causing scalp irritation as well as hormone changes, allergies to pesticides, even cancer with their preservatives. The colors and dyes derived from coal tar that deposits toxins onto the scalp causing irritation and eye irritation. DEA and TEA these ingredients are foaming agents that cause allergic reactions and dryness of hair and skin because they are potentially carcinogenic.

    Although she is not a chemist, she is continually searching for the best in professional organic and natural products, free from toxic ingredients. She also guarantees that none of these amazing products are tested on animals, and feature recycled ingredients to ensure responsibility to the environment.

    Our Mission:
  • My mission is to educate my clients to use organic hair care products that can help them to have better health and a better lifestyle.”

  • Our Eco-friendly towels we use and retail. We highly recommend to use them. They are 3x more absorbent than cotton, and 6x more durable than cotton. Quick-drying of your hair, leaving it frizz-free, shinier, and softer. You won’t need to blow- dry as much or at all. Excessive heat blow-dry can dry and damage your hair. They are perfect for all types of hair. We love the elegant look and luxurious feel of Softees.
  • Our products feature recycled ensure responsibility to the environment.
    We guarantee that none of these amazing products are tested on animals.
    We also offer a Hair Recycling Program
    Bike Friendly Program, we’ll even give you a discount for taking an Eco – Friendly mode of transportation. 10% off Haircuts.

  • Click here for more info about Hair RecyclingThe Hair Recycling Program and Bike Friendly Program.
  • Service Policy

    We stand behind our salon services. If your color or cut is not what you requested we will do a complementary adjustment if notified within 3 days of the original service with the receipt. We do not give cash refunds for services, products or gift certificates. Retail items can be exchanged within 5 days of purchase with the receipt.

    24 hour cancellation policy

    We provide a confirmation call or email 48 hours before to your appointment time. If for some reason life gets in the way and you are unable to make your appointment, we do require that you give us a call at least 24 hours in advance.

    Child policy

    As a courtesy to other salon guests and to help us in our effort to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere, we ask that you refrain from bringing very young children in for haircuts. We’ll happily give a haircut to anyone 10 and up but we’re afraid anyone younger will just have to wait.

    Salon Hours

    • Monday - Friday:
    • 10AM - 6PM
    • Saturday: by appointment only
    • Sunday: CLOSED


    We are located at 4800 East Baseline Rd #106, Boulder, CO 80303. Inside Phenix Salon Suites, #107. At Meadows Parkway Shopping center next to Safeway.


    4800 East Baseline Rd #106, Boulder, CO 80303., Studio #107
    ph: 303-513-9131

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