“Eco-friendly” event.

Eventgreen At Boulder Natural Organic Hair Salon every other Saturday is our Green Day! We appreciate your support for our business and our efforts to provide Certified Organic hair color and hair care products for the health of our customers and the safety of the environment!

You want the best nutrition for your body. Your hair deserves the best too. Hair is a fundamental element of our personality. Health, well-being and the search for our own personal look are the essential values that guide us towards the hair’s natural beauty.

So here is your invitation to the next “Eco-Event”. We will have raffle for FREE haircut and discounts 10 to 20% off our hair care products. First time visit 10% off haircuts or 10% off hair color.

Salon Hours

  • Monday - Friday:
  • 10AM - 6PM
  • Saturday: by appointment only
  • Sunday: CLOSED


We are located at 2660 Canyon Blvd. Boulder, CO 80302 Inside Indie Salons, Studio #10. Across from the Hilton Hotel, & next to the Marriott Hotel.


2660 Canyon Blvd. , Studio #10
Boulder Colorado 80302
ph: 303-513-9131

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